Design or decide the design of your carpet

At Berberfish we have great carpet artisans who produce unique pieces made and woven by hand. But with us you also have the possibility of influencing the final result of your product, either by contributing a design (original or traditional) or letting yourself be advised by the creative team, who will prepare a personalized design guided by the customer’s opinion.

Choose the materials that suit you best

Wool, cotton or acrylic. Wool and cotton are the most used natural materials for traditional rugs, nowadays too, since the quality they offer is amply demonstrated. However, acrylic offers hypoallergenic properties and is good for vibrant colors.

Get a unique result

It is impossible to have two exactly the same rugs, there will always be small differences from manual manufacturing. Thus, colors, patterns, and sizes may vary slightly from the paper design. This, far from being a drawback, is part of the identity of the carpet, which is also provided by the weaver with its personality and style.

For the personalization of the designs it is important to take into account the limitations that exist. It is not possible to accommodate any type of design, but we will advise you on what can work well. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.