Hi. We are Bilal and Salman, two friends who are passionate about handmade rugs.

The connection between North Africa and Europe comes from a fortuitous encounter in the city of Granada, the cradle of Al-Ándalus in Spain. At that time, the idea of ​​trading between coastal countries and promoting the richness of Mediterranean cultures began to shine on the horizon. As good lovers of art and design, we immediately focused on the products of North African artisans, especially on carpets, kilims and margoums from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The need to promote Berber heritage and reverse the economy over native artisans became the main value of this platform.

The great wealth of the Berber rugs, which is found in the designs, the color combination and the quality of the materials (100% natural), have their different forms of expression, typical of each region of origin. That is why we loved the idea of ​​including and specializing in all of North Africa, since there are all kinds of tastes and we hope to serve the most demanding.

We also have a creative team, ready to personalize our own unique designs, inspired by the needs that each client demands.